Delaney Bella Naturals

About DB Naturals

Hi, my name is Delaney

I’m 17 years old and the founder of DB Naturals. School is my number one priority but when not there, you’ll find me on the golf course with my high school team, hanging with my family and friends or at the mall checking out new beauty products. I’ve been very interested in beauty products since I was a young girl, spending hours watching beauty gurus’ You Tube videos and reviewing beauty products on line.

I’ve had a dream to create a beauty line for a while. A year ago with my parents’ support, I started working on an all-natural makeup line. I’m so excited to introduce a beauty line that really works and is guilt-free on your face. Like most teens, I love to feel and look good. I wanted to inspire other teens to feel great about themselves and at the same time, know the products they are using are not going to harm them now, or in the future.

“What excites me most is making a difference in what people put on their face and bodies and giving back to teens and families less fortunate through DB Naturals.”

Some people might think I’m too young, but I have the ambition and passion to really make a difference for people my age. My hope is to inspire other teens to make a difference in their own way. I encourage everyone to be you and do what comes naturally!