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Oceans of Love on Earth Day

Holy Moly! Did you know there is something called the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”? It’s a floating accumulation of plastic in the Pacific Ocean; and it’s TWICE the size of Texas! Uh, what?! And what’s worse, it’s not the only one. Check it out – there are five (see photo)![…]

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Gifts for Her

Happy Valentine’s Day Girlies! Valentine’s Day isn’t for just couples. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a day to show your love to anyone and everyone you love! Further, love notes and gifts can be given for any reason, any day! Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or just because,[…]

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Homemade from the Heart

Hey Ladies! We are officially starting our blog. And what better time than February? It’s the month where everyone is sharing the LOVE. And we at Delaney Bella Naturals heart you all! On our blog, we’ll share our favorite things to do, make and wear sprinkled with inspiration and fun[…]

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