Delaney Bella Naturals

Gifts for Her

Happy Valentine’s Day Girlies! Valentine’s Day isn’t for just couples. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a day to show your love to anyone and everyone you love! Further, love notes and gifts can be given for any reason, any day! Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or just because, these are my favorite items to give the women in my life.

  1. Venus ET Fleur – Flowers that last! I love giving and receiving these beautiful rose arrangements. Get the super cute Le Mini or customize a Small Round bouquet. Promise you – it is a delightful gift! And what girl doesn’t love flowers especially ones that will last all year round.
  2. Wild Flower Phone Case – You all know we can’t live without our phones! Why not switch up your phone case like you switch out your purse? Besides it’s too hard to pick. They’re all so cute and there is no way you won’t find the perfect iPhone accessory design for a friend at Wild Flower. My pick – the Lips of course!
  3. Delaney Bella Naturals – What gal doesn’t like make-up? We have 5 Velvet Lipsticks and 5 Lip Gloss shades to choose from. Some of our favorite shades (pictured above from left to right) are Lolli , Cha-Cha and Lip Service.
  4. Candy! – Give your friend their favorite candy on an ordinary day not just Valentine’s Day. Remembering what your friend’s favorite little things are says you care about them. And I love me some candy corn not just on Halloween! Get them red, white and pink.

What are your favorite gifts to give the ladies in your life? Let me know! I always love a good tip.

xo, Delaney